Stanford Wockets Activity Project (SWAP)


Q-What should I do if my phone freezes up?

Restart your phone. There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Press the power button firmly for 5-10 seconds until you get "Do you want to turn off your device" message. Confirm "Yes". After your phone shuts off, restart by pressing the power button again.  OR
  2. If the phone doesn’t shut down by pressing the power button, then remove the back cover and the battery then re-install the battery, and close the back of the phone. (Click here to the link to open back cover and battery). Turn your phone back on. The monitoring system restarts automatically. If the phone doesn’t restart, contact the Stanford project team for assistance.

Q-What should I do if the back of the phone comes off and the battery falls out?

Simply align the battery’s exposed copper contacts with the battery connectors at the bottom part of the battery compartment. Insert the contacts side of the battery first, and then gently push the battery into place. Replace the back cover. You do not need to do anything else. The monitoring system will automatically re-activate. If the phone doesn’t restart please contact the Stanford project team for assistance.

Q- If I forget to charge the phone overnight, what should I do?

Data are not lost as long as you continue to wear the wockets. Charge the phone as soon as possible so you can use it to make and receive calls and collect data from the Wockets. The data will be saved in the phone and will be uploaded to the server the next time you charge the phone at night. Make sure you put the phone on the charger before you go to bed.

Q-I thought I was wearing the "correct" wockets (green/red) but discovered that I wasn’t. What should I do?

You should switch to the correct wockets immediately and also inform the Stanford project team about the error. If you are away from the other set of wockets then you should swap to the set you are wearing by clicking the "Swap wockets" button on the application. (subject to change). Inform the Stanford project team.

Q-My application froze!

Should wait to answer this question until we see the new interface.

Q-I don’t see any cell network (bars) on my phone (the number of bars tells you how strong your connection is).

Make sure there is good reception in the area you are located. If you think there is but you still don’t have any connection, then go to Start ® Settings ® "About location, wireless, Bluetooth" and make sure the Phone connection is ON. If not, turn it on. If you still don’t see any bars, please contact the Stanford project team for assistance.

Q- My screen is black though my phone is running. Is something wrong?

The screen is black because the phone is in idle mode. To turn on the phone screen press Power button for less than a second (do not press for a long time that will cause the phone to shut down). To go back to idle mode, i.e. to turn off the screen, press Power button. P.S. When the screen is in idle mode, the phone is still active. You will still receive calls and messages.
IMPORTANT – When the phone is in idle mode and the screen is black it uses much less enery than when the screen is turned on.

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