Stanford Wockets Activity Project (SWAP)

Do's & Dont's of Wockets

Do not worry if you forget to carry the phone

If you forget your phone at home or leave it in your car or office and go somewhere, continue to wear the Wockets, as they will store motion data throughout the day until they come back in contact with your phone. The data that was stored then will be transmitted to the phone.

When to wear and NOT wear the Wockets

Wockets and Airline Travel

When you take a trip on an airplane we request you take your phone and Wockets with you.  The Wockets should be taken off while going through the security check point at the airport, put safely in your carry-on luggage and then put back on (on wrist or ankle or in pants pocket) after clearing the security checkpoint. The Wockets then can be worn to and while on the plane without additional attention being paid to them. You will need to follow regulations about turning your phone off during the flight. Remember – your Wockets will collect and store data even when your phone is turned off.  WOCKETS WILL COLLECT AND STORE DATA EVEN WHEN YOUR PHONE IS TURNED OFF.

International Travel

Can't Keep the Phone with You. If you do an activity or go somewhere that is not practical or appropriate to either take your phone or where it is required to be turned off, please continue wearing the Wockets. Your activity data will be stored on the Wocket memory chip until the phone comes back in range of the Blue Tooth transmitter on the Wocket (or the phone is turned on) and the data will then be sent to the phone. Also,

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