Stanford Wockets Activity Project (SWAP)

Zephyr Bioharness®

The optional additional physiological sensor used in this project, the Zephyr Bioharness, is similar to a personal heart rate monitor but records your heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, posture and body motion. BioHarness integrates patented Smart Fabric sensor technology into a garment that is comfortable and unobtrusive. It captures comprehensive physiological data on the wearer, eliminating the need for multiple devices.

Data collected using the Bioharness will help us to validate our interpretation of the Wocket data we collect at the same time.  The device consists of a strap 3 inches wide worn next to the skin around the chest. This cloth strap has various sensors built into it and a small plastic box snaps on to it which contains a rechargeable battery and a memory card to store data recorded for each one minute period throughout the day. The whole Bioharness weights approximately 3 oz.

The electronic component is charged in a cradle-style charger each night. When the unit is returned to the project staff they download all the data collected during the week on the memory card to a computer.

If you volunteer to wear the Bioharness you will be asked to wear it during waking hours for one week. Before going to bed each night you will remove the strap and charge the “puck” or electronic piece of the device in your Bioharness charger. At the end of the week you will return the device and the charger to the study staff.

Note of Interest

The Bioharness was used in monitoring the physiological responses of the miners in Chile while they were trapped underground for 79 days and during their rescue. To see video of its use in Chile click here.


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