Stanford Wockets Activity Project (SWAP)

Stanford Wockets Activity Project (SWAP)

The primary goal of the Stanford Wockets Activity Project (SWAP) is to develop and evaluate a custom designed physical activity and sedentary behavior monitoring system that uses small wireless motion sensors (Wockets) and a mobile phone to track the physical activity and sedentary behavior in great detail 24/7 for extended periods of time.  Wockets project protocol »

The Wocket Project is being conducted by scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine and Massachussets Institute of Technology and is funded by the Genes Environment and Health Initiative of the National Institute of Health. This Initiative supports academic centers to design and evaluate new methods for monitoring environmental exposures that interact with genetic variations and together can cause major chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Research team »

Who participates in the Stanford Wocket Project?

During 2011 we will enroll 50 adult "Partners  in Research" living in the San Francisco bay area, provide them with a smart phone and Wockets to wear on their wrist and ankle most of the time for up to 8 months. To be eligible, Partners in Research need to be T-Mobile subscribers.

Who are Partners in Research

Partners in Research are members of the general public interested in active participation in applied research on topics of relevance. Such partners are especially important in the development and evaluation of new technologies designed to monitor or help modify health-related human behaviors. As these technologies move from development and laboratory testing to evaluation in real-life situations it is essential for scientists and the public (Partners in Research) to work closely together. It is the partners who will determine if these technologies can provide new and useful information at an acceptable cost (time, effort, money). In the Stanford Wocket Activity Project (SWAP) partners and project staff will work closely together to evaluate and modify the activity monitoring system and how best to provide information collected by the monitoring system back to the partners.

Benefits to "Partners in Research"

Participants in the Stanford Wockets Activity Project (SWAP) will be provided  a new mobile phone (HTC Touch Diamond2) as their primary phone during their project.

The project will pay your T-Mobile  costs for unlimited data and unlimited texting and approximately $15.00 each month towards your voice costs (Total =$75.00/month).

You will receive frequent information about your daily physical activities and sedentary behavior, including sleep.

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